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With the sudden onset of technology and the rapid rate of development, computers and mobile devices become outdated extremely fast as people want what is new and upgrade. This has caused a massive amount of outdated, damaged and completely useless devices with nowhere to go apart from the local landfills. What a lot of people do not realize is there is still a use for any electrical item regardless if it no longer operates in the manner it was designed to. Thus a new era of recycling emerged.

At Bulls-Eye PC’s & Electronics we are able to dismantle and breakdown any electrical device and process the individual component’s that once made up the electrical device. With being able to offer such a service means that we are helping to keep our environment clean. Also we are allowing other industries that may have a use for the raw materials to be reused and reducing the amount and pollution created in the manufacture of the materials.

At Bulls-Eye PC’s & Electronics we don’t believe you should be charged to dispose of any item that does not incur a fee to break down into individual components. For a full list of what is free to dispose of at Bulls-Eye PC’s & Electronics please ring us to discuss the terms or check our website.

Electronic waste, or “e-waste” includes any outdated or broken electronic device that you no longer use. Cell phones, computers, laptops, T.V.s, and printers all make the list, and just about everyone has at least one of these stashed away in a closet or dresser drawer. The majority of these devices ultimately end up in landfills or are incinerated, making a major environmental impact.

The Hazards of E-Waste

Electronic devices contain materials that are extremely hazardous such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Sure, they’re safe enough for us to use, but once they’re either tossed into landfills or destroyed the real threat begins. These harmful chemicals seep into the soil when it rains and are released into the atmosphere when devices are burned, negatively impacting the health of plants, animals, and people. For example, respiratory problems such as asthma are on the rise due to an increase in air pollution.

Yet e-waste is increasing. With new, better gadgets coming out every year, people are tossing out more electronic devices than ever. Just how bad is the e-waste problem? According to, the United States alone produces up to 50 million tons of e-waste. Of this, only 20-25% is recycled safely, while the other 75% ends up in landfills.

How to Reduce Your Impact

Fortunately, it’s easy to reduce your impact, and sometimes you can make some cash, too. While you may no longer use your old electronic devices, most of them can go on to have a second life. In fact, the uSell marketplace features over 50 professional buyers who refurbish and resell these devices, keeping them out of landfills. They’ll gladly pay cash to take an old phone, tablet, iPod, computer or game console off your hands. So what if your device is worthless? Your buyer will offer to recycle it for you for free.

With so many options, there’s no reason not to recycle your old devices!

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