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About Our Services

Getting something repaired can be a daunting and costly exercise that sometimes just does not have the outcome that is desired.

At Bulls-Eye PC’s & Electronics we strive to keep it real and honest in dealing with you to remove any doubt and hassle you might have.

Usually with other companies they charge an astronomic fee to inspect your device. We at Bulls-Eye PC's & Electronics keep all inspection fees and tech reports under $50 this fee is charged to cover the time we spend on your device. We do offer the piece of mind of a professional report on request for your device.

We at Bulls-Eye PC’s & Electronics would like you to be able to focus on the real problems at hand and not the problems we take care of. We will take the time to inspect, test and diagnose most common devices. Then once the fault is found we deal with you in all honesty and inform you of every option available to you regardless if it leads to a sale for our business or not.

Business Services

Personal Services

Temporary Computer Replacement

If you need to book your PC in for repairs or upgrades we can supply you with a temporary replacement at no extra charge, to keep you computing. We believe in this fast paced world that there are some things we can not live without so for worry free computing contact us today. (Limited units available)

This Service Has Been Discontinued

Worry Free Computing

We believe that you should be able to choose and design your computer the way you want it and understand it without all the jargon and mumbo jumbo words that all other computer places use. So we have invented a new service called wish-list PC, this is where you can choose on how you would like your PC to preform, run and how it looks without worry and we will match the hardware and software to suite your needs.

Coming Very Soon

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A small list of hardware items we have avaviable.